How To Use This App

Pick a regular time of day – perhaps before you go to sleep

RECALL that you are in the presence of God. Look upon your day with gratitude.

REVIEW your feelings by assessing where you are on the spectrum of hopeful and discouraged

REFLECT upon your day and pay attention to your emotions. Answer a question from both Consonance (positive) and Dissonance (negative) sets of questions. Record your thoughts by hitting the DONE button.

RECONCILE your reflections by choosing a step of action: meditate, share with friends, or write a response. These steps build connections with God, yourself, and with those most close to you.

REMEMBER your reflections by clicking on a date and finding your past responses. Look back on the past 90 days to visually track your emotional and spiritual journey.

Watch a short video highlighting the features of the Examine App:

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